Giving people the power to

see things differently

Liveshed is an integrated software solution for interactive video content that gives people the power

to see things differently and businesses the ability to put that power in their customers’ pocket.

*actual prototype screen capture

What is Liveshed?

Patent-pending, integrated video software for mobile application suites.

User controlled, multi perspective video turns passive viewers into fully engages users controlling what they see and how they interact.

The current solution:

  • Two dimensional
  • Passive viewing
  • Obstructed and limited
  • The old way

The Liveshed solution:

  • Multi-perspective
  • User-controlled and interactive
  • Unobstructed and enabling
  • The new, better way

How Liveshed Works


Multi-camera production workflows compatible with any camera.





Automated cloud processing and post production systems.





Easily scalable and accessible from your suite of applications.

No special cameras needed. Let our software do the hard work. Your customers can easily access from your apps just like any video. Create stunning, fully interactive, multi-perspective video content without changing any behavior.

Why Liveshed Works

  • Higher engagement
  • Longer retention
  • More customers
  • Greater customer lifetime value
  • Increased monetization

Liveshed’s revolutionary, user-controlled, multi-perspective video technology helps companies attract new customers, enhance the customer experience, and drive increased engagement, retention, and monetization.

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